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Making Mr. 'Light'

Soap star Kurt McKinney -- The "Guiding Light" actor tells us about the need to make money

Kurt McKinney is nothing if not honest. The '80s-era General Hospital star has a candid explanation for why he returned to daytime after a hiatus of several years to play Matt the drifter on CBS' Guiding Light: ''I like Matt,'' McKinney says, ''but it was also about money. I could lie and say, 'Oh, I missed the daytime family.' But the truth is, I was tired of not working and having no money.'' Though McKinney is now winning kudos for his character's May-December romance with older woman Vanessa (Maeve Kinkead), for a while he was far more successful at selling cars than at nabbing acting work. ''But I never saw myself as a car salesman,'' he says, laughing.''It wasn't a profession. I was just doing it to make a buck. And you know, there are some honest ones.'' Just like some actors.

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