Video Review

Rapa Nui

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama; With: Jason Scott Lee and Esai Morales

There's no question that Kevin Costner (who produced this Easter Island-set love story) is jockeying to become the next Peter Gabriel. Sun-drenched landscapes, pulsing world music, and environmental moralizing are all on parade in what might as well be retitled (per the island's giant totems) Dances With Moai. Lee, who shone in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, displays the same bare-chested athleticism here. But the first hour's forbidden romance just feels like a prelude to the climactic tribal competition that pits Lee against his boyhood pal (Morales) — leaving Rapa Nui somewhere between Romeo and Juliet and ABC's Wide World of Sports. C

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