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Me and the Mob

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Comedy, Mystery and Thriller; With: James Lorinz and Tony Darrow

In their respective roles as an original slacker and an old-fashioned Mob boss in 1987's criminally underseen Street Trash, Lorinz and Darrow stole an over-the-top film by going way over the top with their brilliantly funny, caustic bickering. Now Me and the Mob reunites the two for a virtual re-creation of their finest moments, with Lorinz as a down-and-out writer who goes to work for his wiseguy uncle. This small film was able to wrangle a short theatrical release out of Sandra Bullock's fun cameo as the writer's girlfriend, but it's Lorinz's mix of James Dean and Jim Carrey that makes this uneven comedy worth a look. B-

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