Videogame Review

The Itchy & Scratchy Game


There's a reason Itchy & Scratchy cartoons rarely occupy more than 30 seconds of any Simpsons episode: stretch the concept to the full half hour, and the ratings would plummet. It's the same for videogames. While Itchy and Scratchy appeared in a hilarious cameo on the Super NES cartridge Bart's Nightmare, here they duke it out in an interminable, multistage whackfest. As for Simpsons-style irony, despite a plethora of chainsaws, axes, and flamethrowers, The Itchy and Scratchy Game has been deemed appropriate for kids six and older by the ever-vigilant Software Ratings Board. C

Originally posted May 19, 1995 Published in issue #275 May 19, 1995 Order article reprints

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