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Gratitude with Attitude

Some of the weird thank yous found on software

If you write a book, you know who to thank — your insightful editor, your tireless typist, and your long-suffering spouse. But in the CD-ROM business, anything goes. Here's the proof: a few of the things that software creators are thankful for, from the credit screens of some recent CD-ROMs.

Sustenance: ''Special thanks to...the 24-hour Safeway at 20th and 148th.''
World Beat (Medio)

Important sustenance: ''Special thanks to...the Starbucks [coffee bar] at 24th and 148th.''
Vietnam (Medio)

Really important sustenance: ''Special thanks Michael Milken.''
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time (7th Level)

Artistic sustenance: ''Music that helped us get this CD-ROM out: [32 entries, including] Miles Davis, Kind of Blue; Ministry, 'Jesus Built My Hotrod'; Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine; Nirvana, In Utero; Public Enemy, 'Fight the Power'; Stone Temple Pilots, Core; Whale, Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe.''
The Multimedia Cartoon Studio (Byron Preiss)

That special off-camera helper whose contribution is so hard to describe: ''Jane Wheeler: Kindhearted taskmaster.''
Dazzeloids (Voyager)

Anyone who pops into your head: ''Max Kozloff came to visit me, while I was an 'artist in residence' at the Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona. I recall a memorable game of pool (Max won!) we both played at the Lutz Casino, an excellent hamburger joint with pool tables and row upon row of electronic pinball machines.''
Truths & Fictions (Voyager)

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