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The Granny

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genres: Comedy, Horror; With: Shannon Whirry and Stella Stevens

If any special-effects team is really looking for a challenge, it should try to make Stella Stevens and Shannon Whirry look unattractive. In The Granny the two star as an old hag and her old-maid granddaughter, whose lives are complicated by greedy family members and a rejuvenation formula that turns Granny into a rotting demon. While writer-director Luca Bercovici gives the reanimated Granny a few too many lame one-liners, the movie exhibits a streak of dark-hearted humor obviously influenced by the 1992 New Zealand splatter epic Dead Alive — making it one of the finer pieces of trash to come along in some time. B

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