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The Scene You Never Saw: Missed 'Placed'

The real ending for ''Melrose Place'' -- Details of the shots edited after the Oklahoma bombing

Kimberly smiles, glances at the detonator ... and ... to be continued. That's how Melrose Place ended on May 22. But that wasn't the plan. After the Oklahoma City bombing, producers trimmed the last five shots. What you missed:

Series of Shots
One-by-one the bombs are detonated:
— Kimberly is hit by debris, the force of the explosion sending her flying into the air.
— Jo's apartment window blows out and Amanda flies down the stairs.
— Amanda's stairwell and windows blow.
— Alison's fireplace blows as she hoists a drink, sending her backwards into the kitchen.
— The courtyard goes up in a huge fireball. Fade out.

The End.

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