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Don’t expect a ''Moonlighting'' reunion -- Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd on each other

Laverne patched it up with Shirley, but Bruce Willis says not to expect a reunion of Moonlighting's David and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) anytime soon. ''Let me just say I don't think so,'' says the Die Hard With a Vengeance star, who was rumored often to bicker with Shepherd throughout the series' four-year run. True to form, Shepherd has a different opinion. ''I'd love to do Moonlighting: The Movie with him,'' she says. Each agrees, however, that the other has done well. ''I saw Cybill a couple of times,'' says Willis. ''I like it — she's cool in it.'' Shepherd, meanwhile, hasn't caught the latest Die Hard, but says Willis was ''wonderful in Pulp Fiction.'' Successes aside, Willis has put his TV days into perspective. ''Sometimes I figure if the first Die Hard movie had failed, I'd still be saying, 'Cybill, would you come on?'''

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