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Judicial Consent

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genre: Drama; With: Bonnie Bedelia and Billy Wirth

Glass ceilings and mommy tracks are bad enough, but consider the travails of Judicial Consent's tough-but-kind judge Gwen (Bonnie Bedelia): Dissatisfied with her cold, creepy husband (Will Patton), Gwen embarks on an affair with a young, cute legal clerk (Billy Wirth). Soon, her longtime friend Charles (an uncharacteristically restrained Dabney Coleman) gets murdered, and all the evidence points to Gwen. Despite the underlying antifeminist message (you'll anger someone dangerous if you take a lover or pursue your career), this brisk, competent erotic thriller provides a refreshingly intelligent heroine and several credible suspects. The film's main flaw is its erratic plotting: Some developments you can guess during the opening credits, others zoom past at light speed, so you'll need those fast-forward and rewind buttons. B

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