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The Crying Game

Men cry at movies too -- ''The Bridges of Madison County'' left female and male viewers in tears

Planning to see The Bridges of Madison County? Don't forget your hankie. Audience members polled at Chicago's Biograph theater on opening night declared the Meryl Streep-Clint Eastwood romance a bona fide tearjerker. The surprise? It's not just women who are left sobbing in the aisles. In fact, 66 percent of the men polled said they teared up. ''I'm so embarrassed,'' said a personal trainer, who admitted he dried his eyes with a used popcorn napkin. ''This got to me even more than Rocky III.'' Of course, there were those who had a personal agenda: ''I went to this chick movie. Now my wife owes me Die Hard With a Vengeance.'' Then again, every crowd has its cynic. ''I don't get all these weepers,'' sneered one guy. ''It's a movie about an older guy taking pictures. There's no action. There wasn't even a Batman preview. I mean, it wasn't like Field of Dreams. That made me cry. That's about something big. Baseball.''

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