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Sheer Force

Dean Cain draws whistles -- Audiences members enjoy the ''Superman'' star and Tia Carrere at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

The date: June 3.
The place: Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, site of the first annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.
The presenters: Lois & Clark's Man of Steel, Dean Cain, and Wayne's World's Tia Carrere, clad in a low-cut gown.
The joke: Right before the duo presented Jodie Foster with the Favorite Actress in a Theatrical Comedy award, audience members let out loud whistles. Carrere turned to her partner and laughed, ''That was for you, Dean.''
The irony: Cain's mother agrees. Earlier in the evening, when asked to explain the success of his ABC series, the actor was beaten to the punch by Mom's quip: ''It's the tights.''

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