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Rent Check: Andy Richter

Conan O’Brien's sidekick talks about ''Sweet Smell of Success,'' ''The Night of the Hunter,'' and ''The Evil Dead''

Five nights a week, Conan O'Brien's baby-faced sidekick stays mum while guests talk. But his video choices speak volumes:

Sweet Smell of Success, 1957
''It's a finger-popping, daddy-o jazz of a movie! The cinematography is some of the most luscious I've ever seen in a black-and-white film. And the dialogue is like a 1-hour-and-40-minute Beat poem.''

The Night of the Hunter, 1955
''A supremely twisted view of America, the family structure, and religion. It's not so much an out-and-out political satire as it is a strangely filtered children's story. ''

The Evil Dead, 1983
''The first half is about as creepy a movie as I've ever seen. The last half [has] every possible substance spewing out of every possible orifice. It's really low-budget, but it scares the crap out of you.''

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