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Nuke Internet Interface

A look at Nuke Internet Interface -- The good and the bad of the sci-fi/action entertainment website

A look at Nuke Internet Interface

If only this sci-fi/action entertainment website did not intersperse its news, reviews, and ''innerviews'' with heavy-handed hucksterism (ads and tie-ins for games, magazines, and other goods), it would merit a 21-phaser salute. Meticulously genre-specific, Nuke Internet Interface handily serves the stereotypical teen male audience by offering links to home pages for Batman Forever, Johnny Mnemonic, and Mortal Kombat. But the creators also reach out to adult spaceheads, including women, with such offerings as a profile of Babylon 5's Claudia Christian and dozens of stars' filmographies. Also, the clear, cogent interviews and solidly reported news stories (with quotes, even!) make Nuke truly disarming. B+

Originally posted Jun 30, 1995 Published in issue #281-282 Jun 30, 1995 Order article reprints

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