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Cobb (1995)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Drama, Sports; With: Lolita Davidovich, Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Wuhl; Distributor: Warner Bros.

America likes its baseball movie heroes noble, simple, and sentimental. That may be one reason Cobb struck out at the box office. Depicting Ty Cobb near the end of his life, this Ron Shelton film portrays the Georgia Peach as a violent, self-aggrandizing cuss who seldom allows us to see the lonely, frightened man underneath. As many critics have rightly pointed out, Cobb barely scores as a baseball ''biopic,'' but as a contemplation of fame and false gods, it's a strong, fair shot, by my ruling. If the mixed reviews scared you away during the theatrical release, this is the time to catch up. B+

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