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The Walking Dead


Details With: Eddie Griffin, Joe Morton, Allen Payne and Vonte Sweet

The Vietnam adventure The Walking Dead attempts to evoke the black GIs' experience but ends up only creating a ball of confusion. As five stranded Marines fight their way out of the jungle, writer-director Preston A. Whitmore II can't decide whether he's making a hardass action movie or a social statement. The Rambo-inspired heroics are tough enough to swallow; even tougher are the overwrought flashbacks that awkwardly interrupt the action to explain why each of our reluctant heroes enlisted in the first place. Next to this noisy misfire, almost anything else on the video store's war-movie shelf will seem like a direct hit. C-

Originally posted Jun 30, 1995 Published in issue #281-282 Jun 30, 1995 Order article reprints

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