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Could You Dye

Sela Ward goes blonde -- The ''Sisters'' star dyes her dark hair for a role as newscaster Jessica Savitch

Sela Ward can't seem to shake the bottle. Playing Teddy on NBC's Sisters, she's a recovering alcoholic; playing the late newscaster in Lifetime's Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story, she's a bottle blond — much to her dismay. ''My hair is so fried, you can't imagine,'' says the actress, a natural dark brunet. ''It took me 16 hours to go this light,'' says the actress, who jokes, ''If I'd known, I probably wouldn't have done'' the movie. It's not Ward's first experience being fair-haired, though. ''I had gone blond once before — for the fun of it,'' she says. ''You know, you hear blonds have more fun, so I had to find out.'' Ward says the tress stress did have one benefit: ''My husband loved it. He had a whole new wife for a couple of months.''

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