Video Review

Just Like a Woman (1995)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Comedy, Romance; With: Adrian Pasdar and Julie Walters

Funny how, in these straitlaced times, cross-dressing has become the movie theme of the moment; you never can predict human behavior. And that is the message of Just Like a Woman, a love story about an American businessman in London (Adrian Pasdar) who falls for his quiet landlady (Julie Walters), the only woman to understand his need for lipstick and frilly underthings. (Now that the movie's available on tape, men who wish to further empathize with Pasdar's character can wear their panty hose in the privacy of their own homes.) Their final triumph over the forces of masculine greed is not half as stirring as the buildup, during which the flow of life looks blissfully normal despite the guy in the dress. B

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