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Quotes from Chris Columbus, Anne Rice, and Richard Simmons

''They were willing to do anything for comedy. I felt that after Tom [Arnold] spent years kissing Roseanne, [his kissing] Hugh [Grant] was a step up.''
Director Chris Columbus, discussing his stars' smooch in Nine Months, on America Online

''The two kinds of music I deeply love are baroque and country-western. I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash. I'd love to write country music some day.''
Anne Rice on CompuServe

''I do cry a lot, don't I? I guess I've always cried. Maybe it was too many Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck movies. I don't hide any of my emotions.... I sit here every day and read so many sad letters. I think if you came to my office you would cry, too.''
Richard Simmons on Prodigy

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