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Morissette Sweeps, Twain Peaks

On the radio -- Program directors around the country name their top three hits and predictions for a fourth

WSHE, Miami (Alternative) Bill Pugh
''Till I Hear It From You,'' The Gin Blossoms: ''I don't know what Empire Records is like as a movie, but good God, what a soundtrack!'' ''You Oughta Know,'' Alanis Morissette: ''The whole album is great, and she's given new meaning to 'going to the movies.'' ''One of Us,'' Joan Osborne: ''The first instant-reaction song in a long time. When people hear it, Boom! 'Who was that?'''
One to Watch: ''King Midas in Reverse,'' The Posies: ''Off a Hollies tribute called Sing Hollies in Reverse. I got it yesterday, and it hasn't come out of the CD player since.''

KWEN, Tulsa (Country) Dave Block
''I Like It, I Love It,'' Tim McGraw: ''Folks have been anxiously awaiting this, and once they hear it, they want to hear it again.'' ''One Boy, One Girl,'' Collin Raye: ''A boy and a girl do the dating thing, get married, and have twins. That kind of brings the whole story around to completion. A great love song.'' ''Any Man of Mine,'' Shania Twain: ''A typical sassy-lady song, and still a favorite. She comes from a tradition of Canadian female country stars that goes back to Anne Murray in the '70s.''
One to Watch: ''She's Every Woman,'' Garth Brooks: ''A real nice in-love kind of song written by Garth and Victoria Shaw. It melts the women.''

KGGI, Riverside, Calif. (Top 40) Carmy Ferreri
''You Are Not Alone,'' Michael Jackson: ''Whereas 'Scream' seemed to be more of Jackson's statement to the world, this is a legitimate smash.'' ''I Could Fall in Love,'' Selena: ''Sadly, the world is just getting to know her. I think she was headed toward superstardom.'' ''Waterfalls,'' TLC: ''I believe TLC has made that tremendously difficult leap from niche group to mass-appeal artist. They have a lot more albums left in them.''
One to Watch: ''Pretty Girl,'' Jon B. ''Here's a 19-year-old kid who has it all: great looks, stage presence, and a wonderful voice. And his ego's in check for such a young guy.''

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