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Jason's Lyricism

Who is Jason Lee? — Learn about the actor who broke out in ''Mallrats''

Name: Jason Lee. Age: 25. Breakout role: As Brodie in Mallrats, he puts a charming spin on egregious dialogue and seems too good for Shannen Doherty. Make that much too good. Last seen: As a skateboarder in Spike Jonze's Sonic Youth video ''100 Percent.'' Recent achievements: Wed aspiring actress Carmen Lee (formerly Carmen Lewallen); founded skateboard company; now writing a screenplay he'll direct. Next up: In Kevin Smith's next two flicks, Chasing Amy, as a famous comic-book artist, and Dogma, as ''the angel of death.'' Career advice: Says Mary Vernieu, casting director of Oliver Stone's Nixon, ''He should try and do a serious dramatic role next to show himself off as an actor. If he does another comedic role, people may not take him as seriously.'' Oops.

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