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Quotes from Woody Allen, Willie Nelson, and Matt Groening the week of November 17, 1995

''It's easier to solve work problems than it is real-life problems. So the more I'm involved with work, the less I have to think about reality.'' —Woody Allen on America Online

''If I show up, it's the best accomplishment of the day. If I put on a good show, that's the second best. I don't really like to think about it any further.'' —Willie Nelson on America Online

''It has been suggested by a network goon that we add some spice to the Simpson family by adding another character. I'm resisting this with all my might. However, if a genie or little friendly alien comes to live with the Simpsons sometime soon, you'll know I failed.'' —The Simpsons creator Matt Groening on Prodigy

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