Sound Bites

Sound Bites

TV's funniest lines the week of November 17, 1995

''He's 30. He's not getting older, he's just getting bitter.'' —Caroline (Lea Thompson), about crabby birthday boy Richard (Malcolm Gets), on Caroline in the City

''Calvin Klein wants to do a series of billboard ads with the pig. How old is he? ...Three? No, that's too old.'' —Chloe (Amy Ryan) to Nora (Téa Leoni), who photographed a heroic pig, on The Naked Truth

''Remember when he married Mother in Rome and he made us fly coach to the wedding? ...The man will do anything to humiliate us!'' —Carrie (Mädchen Amick), about her millionaire stepfather, on Central Park West

''What's the opposite of Must See TV?'' —Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), pointing with George (Jason Alexander), to David Letterman, who visited Seinfeld on Late Show

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