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Strawberry and Chocolate (1995)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Drama, Foreign Language; With: Jorge Perugorria, Mirta Ibarra and Vladimir Cruz

In this sweet and engaging Havana love story, the straight, virginal David (Vladimir Cruz), a revolutionary in Cuba's Communist League, meets Diego (Jorge Perugorria), who wants to bed down with him, and who David fears may be a spy. Also interested in David is Diego's neighbor and friend, the slutty, suicidal, and superstitious Nancy (Mirta Ibarra). Before long the colorful threesome have become the proverbial triangle and Strawberry and Chocolate's ensuing plot twists — which include a consummation and a deportation — move along at a nicely syncopated pace. Shots of the beautifully decrepit city provide a rich backdrop for this unpretentious little flick, which proves to be just the right scale for the small screen. B

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