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'Fair' to Middling

Cindy Crawford gets mixed reviews -- We take a straw poll of the supermodel's performance in ''Fair Game''

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, and her long-awaited acting debut — that's all it's been for the past few months. Well, on Nov. 3 the oft-mocked Fair Game opened nationally, and the results of a somewhat unscientific poll conducted at a theater in New York City showed that model-turned-actress Cindy Crawford hasn't completely sunk her silver-screen career.

Though critics gave the supermodel's performance a big thumbs-down and Game lagged in fourth place, earning a paltry $5 million during its first weekend, moviegoers were pretty evenly divided regarding whether Crawford should quit her day job. Some skewered the supermodel. ''I expected her to be pretty bad, so I thought it would be funny to come see it,'' said a 28-year-old male film editor.

Others stood by their mannequin. ''If she decides to change to an acting career, she's got a shot,'' said an appreciative 25-year-old mother. And one 22-year-old man, fittingly, thought Crawford exhibited true talent. ''I'd go see her again,'' he said. ''She got naked, and that was good.''

But the most damning-with-praise reaction came from the misinformed 34-year-old female secretary who said, ''I like her very much as an actress. I've seen her in several movies, and she's quite good.''

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