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Pocketful of Miracles

The perils of film continuity -- Donnie and Stuart Smalley experience a set of magic balls in ''Stuart Saves His Family''

Twelve-stepper Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) certainly owes a lot to his Higher Power. But in Stuart Saves His Family, it looks as if his Higher Power is conspiring against him in a game of pool. When Donnie Smalley (Vincent D'Onofrio) breaks, playing against his brother Stuart, Donnie doesn't appear to sink any balls. But he takes another turn anyway. In the following shot, the solid red ball he's aiming at has jumped closer to a side pocket, making his work easier. Meanwhile, a blue ball in the far corner from Donnie has turned into a yellow ball. Though the recovery-minded Stuart talks about making ''amends,'' what really needs amending is the pool table.

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