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'90210' vs. 'Saved by the Bell'

We know you've been confused -- sometimes it does seem that NBC's Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Fox's Beverly Hills, 90210 are the same show. After all, the oversexed kids on both series attend California University. Both cliques should graduate in 1997. Kelly (Jennie Garth) from 90210 has blond hair -- and so does Saved's Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). And, hey, they both date brunets. But fans like us know the diff.

Real campus: L.A.'s Occidental College
Hangout: The Peach Pit
The look: Anna Sui and DKNY
Academic affairs: Brandon rebuffs the advances of his sociology prof's wife.
Virgin holdout: Donna (Tori Spelling)
Scandal: Shannen Doherty was accused of threatening to have her boyfriend sodomized. (It was resolved out of court.)
Graduating to film: Luke Perry (8 Seconds), Jason Priestley (Calendar Girl), Doherty (Blindfold)

Real campus: a Hollywood soundstage
Hangout: The Student Union
The look: The Limited
Academic affairs: Kelly's advances are rebuffed by her anthropology professor.
Virgin holdout: Screech (not by choice)
Scandal: Mario Lopez was accused of date rape last year. (Evidence was in his favor and charges were never filed.)
Graduating to film: They wish.

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