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That Night (1994)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Movie Rated: PG-13; Genres: Drama, Romance; With: C. Thomas Howell and Juliette Lewis; Distributor: Warner Bros.

That Night — a low-key coming-of-age tale related from the perspective of a shy preadolescent who idolizes the fast-but-wise girl across the street — is perceptively scripted, sensitively directed, and refreshingly free of sentimental nostalgia. Unfortunately, it's also kind of boring. Juliette Lewis is fine as usual, and C. Thomas Howell gets a rare chance to demonstrate that he deserves better than the cheesy flicks he usually works in these days. But overall, this is the sort of rental that men will sit through only as a peace offering to the girlfriends upon whom they've just foisted Mirror Images II. B-

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