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It's Crichton Time Again

Film projects in the works

Planning: Michael Douglas has female trouble again. In the film version of Michael Crichton's current best-seller Disclosure, Douglas will get hit with a phony sexual-harassment suit after he refuses the advances of a new boss. Who's the boss? No word yet, though Barry Levinson (Rain Man) is set to direct. Developing: A formula for love: 1+1=2. Scientist Albert Einstein is Meg Ryan's uncle and Cupid in the romantic comedy I.Q., costarring Tim Robbins... Shooting: Susan Sarandon and Sam Shepard are the parents of seven sons in the family drama Safe Passage, currently on location in New York and New Jersey. Assorted X'ers play their brood: Robert Sean Leonard, Sean Astin, Jason London (Dazed and Confused). Passage is booked for 1995.

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