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Amongst Friends (1994)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Drama, Mystery and Thriller; With: Joseph Lindsey, Patrick McGaw and Steve Parlavecchio

Him: ''I get my education right here, on the streets.'' Her: ''Oh yeah, right here on the killer streets of Hewlett Harbor.'' That exchange sums up what's right and what's wrong with Amongst Friends, Rob Weiss's debut feature about pampered suburban gangsters. While there's irony aplenty in middle-class kids dying (literally) to prove they're as tough as the goodfellas, that makes it hard to take them as seriously as they (and their much ballyhooed creator) would like.

Following three childhood pals- turned-drug dealers — ice-cold player Billy (Joseph Lindsey), chattery goofball Andy (Steve Parlavecchio), and angelic scapegoat Trevor (Patrick McGaw) — Friends unfolds with an engagingly absurdist snarl. But Weiss' view of the world outside Long Island's Five Towns ultimately feels as stunted as that of his antiheroes. You'll be glad when the only surviving member of the trio finally gets out of town; maybe Rob Weiss should try it, too. C

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