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Box executive VP Les Garland picks the breakout urban acts of '94: ''K7 does urban-pop that mixes hip-hop, dance, and reggae. The members were in another Florida-based group, TKA. We got thousands of calls for their video 'Louder Than Love' but only locally. K7 has the same vibe, and a bigger label to push them nationally. Xscape's new single, 'Understanding,' will break this female quartet's hip- hop-flavored R&B. Not quite as poppy as SWV, but it pushes your buttons. Domino is a Long Beach rapper establishing himself as much more than Snoop Doggy Dogg's childhood pal. He's not really a gangsta-more a party boy, rhyming over mellow and funky grooves. His single 'Getto Jam' is already doing well on The Box.''

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