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Max Weinberg Presents: Let There Be Drums!

VARIOUS ARTISTS Max Weinberg Presents: Let There Be Drums! (Rhino) The concept for this album-three volumes of great drummers' performances-sounds like a bad joke. But rock & roll is first and foremost a great beat, so former E Streeter Max Weinberg's compilation pays homage to the aces-Roger Hawkins (Percy Sledge's ''When a Man Loves a Woman'') and Milt Turner (Ray Charles' ''What'd I Say'')-whose masterful grooves drive those classics. Though Elvis' drummer D.J. Fontana and Ringo Starr's Beatles years are missing, Let There Be Drums is an otherwise complete rock- history lesson that doubles as a thumping party set. Vols. 1 and 2: A- Vol. 3: B -Bob Cannon

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