Sound Bites


''We're sugar and spice and everything nice. So bite me.'' -Roseanne on what little girls are made of, on Roseanne ''I only fight about one thing with my wife, and that's the fact that I cannot tell my children apart.'' -Corbin Bernsen to Jay Leno about his twin sons, whom wife Amanda Pays and everyone else can identify

''There's a rule that if you can say 'Heimlich' you don't actually need it.'' -Jamie (Helen Hunt) to a choking Paul (Paul Reiser), on Mad About You

''Fegguck yeggou! Eggeat sheggit, eggassheggole! Yeggou fegguckegging sheggitheggead! -All legal!'' -Phil Hartman, demonstrating the uses of his childhood language, Egg Latin, on Late Show

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