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The funniest TV lines from the week of March 7, 1994

''Oh, I'm sorry. My shoelace is untied. May I begin again?'' — David Letterman, on Late Show

''My only regret was that you didn't use [your mom] on that old show. Then [she] would be the intellectual property of this show.'' — Conan O'Brien to guest Letterman, on Late Night

''We had to make six of them, there were so many unanswered questions.'' — Bobcat Goldthwait to Jay Leno on all the Police Academy movies

''This job entails just a little bit more than cracking wise.... Let me ask you something else, smirkmeister. Recognize, this? That's right, Soup boy. It's an Emmy.... I've got lots of them.'' — Bob Costas welcoming Talk Soup's Greg Kinnear as the new host of Later

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