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Airborne (1994)

MPAA Rating: PG

Details Movie Rated: PG; Genres: Drama, Sports; With: Seth Green and Shane McDermott

Lame attempts to cash in on the latest nifty teen sport or dance craze are part of a time-demeaned Hollywood tradition. You'd think that 1991's awful Prayer of the Rollerboys would have taught somebody a lesson, but no: Now we get Airborne, a more down-to-earth examination of rollerblading. High production values and a moderately appealing cast do nothing to ameliorate the tedium. The hero's an L.A. surfer transplanted to Cincinnati, and his blading abilities eventually win the hearts of — oh, do I really have to go on? The sappy concoction concludes with a genuinely impressive race sequence, but it's not worth the wait. D

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