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The Original Leads of the Temptation (1994)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genres: Documentary, Musical; With: David Ruffin and Eddie Kendrick

Objectively, this posthumous tribute to two of the most gifted and charismatic of soul singers is an amateurish mess — miserably edited, padded with irrelevant talking-head celebrity interviews (like we care what Lola Falana thinks about these guys?), and hosted in a l'histoire c'est moi style by Arthel Neville. Nevertheless, there's a lot of great music in The Original Leads of the Temptation, and the archival footage of the two Temptations — who were, after all, among the coolest humans ever to inhabit sharkskin suits — is riveting enough. B-

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