Video Review

Save Me (1994)

MPAA Rating: Unrated, R

Details Movie Rateds: R, Unrated; Genres: Erotic, Mystery and Thriller; With: Harry Hamlin and Lysette Anthony

Usually when reviewers use the word forgettable, they mean it more figuratively than literally. Save Me is an extraordinary exception. Your faithful correspondent watched this erotic thriller on a Tuesday; when Friday rolled around and it seemed he'd misplaced his notes, he tried really hard, but realized he couldn't recall one single thing about it, except that it starred the lissome Lysette Anthony (Husbands and Wives), who turned in something that was not so much a performance as an audition for the Victoria's Secret catalog. So he had to watch the damn thing again. Guys who can't figure out more efficient ways of ogling naked women than renting this deserve all the grief Save Me provides, and more. D-

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