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Red Rock West

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Drama, Mystery and Thriller; With: Nicolas Cage and Dennis Hopper

John Dahl makes movies as if he were Quentin Tarantino's mild-mannered brother, fashioning film noir so dry, so droll, so gently bonkers that it almost qualifies as film taupe. He did it with 1989's Kill Me Again, and he does it with this HBO thriller about a feral, errant Wyoming wife (Lara Flynn Boyle) and the men obsessed with killing or saving her, or both: a wandering loser (Cage), a psychotic husband (J.T. Walsh), and a deeply confused hit man (Hopper). Dahl's own obsession seems to be twists of fate. You're never sure which way West is going, and it isn't until the last 10 minutes of Red Rock West that you realize it's not going anywhere at all. C+

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