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Roseanne by the numbers -- A numerical breakdown of facts from the boisterous television star's book ''My Lives''

Roseanne Arnold is not one for subtlety. In her best-selling tell-all, My Lives, the dysfunctional queen of prime time offers plenty of proof why she's the toast of the tabloids. Highlights from her exaggerated life:

· Number of pounds she lost after giving birth to her son in 1978: 120
· Amount she paid the National Enquirer to settle a dispute with paparazzi: $20,000
· Amount Roseanne believes relatives always ask famous people for: $35,000
· Number of pairs of sweat socks owned by hubby Tom Arnold: 70
· Number of people she thanks in the acknowledgments: 17
· Number of her ''separate identities'' she thanks in the epilogue: 20

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