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'Striking' Out

We give ''Striking Distance'' a closer look

How many women would want millions of strangers to see them topless? Judging from Striking Distance, Sarah Jessica Parker sure didn't. Playing Jo Christman, a river cop, she shows up at a party wearing a minimal red dress. But in bed with Det. Tom Hardy (Bruce Willis) that night, she's sporting a bra that by no stretch of the elastic could have been hidden by her red-hot number.

Speaking of red-hot, take a slo-mo look at the explosive collision of a pickup truck and a police car in the movie's opening chase. It's a case of premature conflagration: The truck barely touches the cruiser before flames spurt out of three different parts of the car. A pickup truck, an explosion that's been ''helped'' — wait a sec, is this Striking Distance or Dateline NBC?

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