Berry Mad

The actress is the only major character from the new family film who doesn't have her own doll

As part of the more than $50 million merchandising campaign for The Flintstones, everyone from John Goodman to Kyle MacLachlan got a doll. Everyone, that is, except Halle Berry. "I don't think they intentionally slighted me," says Berry, who could never find black dolls to play with while growing up. "It's not something that most people think about if you're not black." According to director Brian Levant, the omission had more to do with Berry's character, sex-symbol Sharon Stone, than the color of her skin. "As I understand it," says Levant, "you usually have the bad guys and the good guys, so the kids can hold them in each hand and fight. What would you do with a Halle Berry doll?"

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