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Wayward ''Children''

While the soap gets the Best Daytime Drama award, it still loses when it comes to good storylines

ABC's All My Children may rightly be called the thinking person's soap for emphasizing social messages over sexual high jinks, but when the 24-year-old serial won this year's Best Daytime Drama Emmy over CBS' deserving favorite, Guiding Light, even AMC executive producer Felicia Behr was surprised. Though still one of soapdom's best, AMC has never run so many clunkers at once: Palmer and the chicken restaurant? Pluck off, already. Trevor and Janet? Zzzzzz. At least the ensemble acting remains stellar — AMC is not just "The Susan Lucci Show." Memo to the writers: John Callahan (Edmund) and Eva LaRue (Maria) sizzle, but reteam stud-puppy Grant Aleksander with the glorious Teresa Blake and I'll be nodding my head rather than scratching it if you win another Emmy next year.

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