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Kids' Videos (1994)

MPAA Rating: PG

Details Movie Rated: PG; Genres: Action/Adventure, Kids and Family; With: MacKenzie Astin and Kevin Spacey

Give a kid a sporting chance: tips from the soccer pros, a boy and his dogsled, and the life of a chess star.


The Return of Jafar: It's not just that Robin Williams didn't shtick around as the voice of the big blue Genie, or that the magic carpet doesn't look quite himself. The problem is that this made-for-video sequel to Disney's Aladdin plays like a Saturday morning cartoon, with loud, busy action scenes substituting for clever storytelling. C+

AGES 5 to 9

Iron Will: The spirited tale of a determined boy who enters a 522-mile dogsled race in 1917. Although the movie didn't go the distance in theaters, this engrossing cross between Cool Runnings and White Fang should have older kids rallying behind the young hero. B

Let's Play Soccer: Kids swept up in World Cup hoopla will appreciate this high-energy instructional tape. Host Zachery Ty Bryan (oldest son Brad on Home Improvement) is put through the paces by top pro players. Too skill-heavy for beginners. B

AGES 9 and up

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Classic Pete: In one video, Nickelodeon has packaged two of the best episodes from its droll series about a pair of brothers named Pete. These are not only sly stories from suburbia, but whacked-out celebrations of childhood. A-

Searching for Bobby Fischer: When a mild-mannered 7-year-old boy displays a natural gift for chess, he sends his parents into turmoil over his future. This finely crafted film comes to life with dramatic chess scenes (honest) and the first-rate acting of Laurence Fishburne, Ben Kingsley, Joe Mantegna, and 8-year-old Max Pomeranc. A-

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