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The Endless Summer II (1994)

MPAA Rating: PG

Details Rated: PG; With: Patrick O'Connell and Robert Wingnut Weaver

Twenty-eight years after he trailed a couple of beach boys around the world in The Endless Summer, documentarian Bruce Brown follows a couple of new kids on the boards on a similar spree and dermatologist's nightmare in The Endless Summer II. Bleached-blond short-board surfer Pat O'Connell and his long-board-loving buddy Robert "Wingnut" Weaver chase the waves in Alaska, France, Fiji, Java, South Africa, Australia, and Bali, while Brown narrates like the most awesome high school film-club adviser around. "Look out for the 40-pound turd in the road!" he exclaims with typical wit as the boys, on a break, observe elephants in the African outback. The surf footage is pretty, if redundant; the surfers themselves are cute, if limited in their conversational potential. C+

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