Music Review

Turn It Upside Down


Details Lead Performance: Spin Doctors; Genre: Rock

It's been said that the Spin Doctors are kings of ''The Other College Rock'' — the band of choice for retro-thinking kids who consider the Allman Brothers Band more seminal than Sonic Youth. Despite its title, the Doctors' third full-length album, Turn It Upside Down, doesn't upend any musical conventions, and that state of affairs will probably suit the band's party-happy fans just fine. On tap are syncopated sing-alongs (''Big Fat Funky Booty''), goofy anthems (''Biscuit Head''), jazzy novelties (''Cleopatra's Cat''), and even an environmental song (''Someday All This Will Be Road''), all shoehorned into a crisply produced, radio-friendly package. Danger? Radical experimentation? Not here. Spin Doctors are safe as milk, and only slightly funkier. B-

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