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Chris Rock: Big Ass Jokes

Details Genre: Comedy; With: Chris Rock

In a crisp 30 minutes, Chris Rock: Big Ass Jokes proves just how much of comedian Chris Rock's talent was wasted during his three-season stint on Saturday Night Live. In his own stand-up special, Rock comes across as a charming, intelligent fellow. He's not afraid to be vulgar, but don't be put off by the show's title — Rock doesn't lard his punch lines with unnecessary obscenity, either. Taped in Atlanta, Jokes offers Rock's take on everything from school busing (he's against it) to older women (in general, he prefers them to younger ones). His best routine, involving the inexpensive plain-wrap food his mother bought when he was a child, wouldn't be out of place on a classic Bill Cosby record. A-

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Originally posted Jun 17, 1994 Published in issue #227 Jun 17, 1994 Order article reprints

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