Video Review

They Watch

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Movie Rated: PG-13; Genres: Drama, Sci-fi and Fantasy; With: Patrick Bergin and Vanessa Redgrave

They Watch is a supernatural snore. Patrick Bergin plays a grieving father haunted by visions of his daughter after she dies in a car crash. But is it all in his mind, or is she reaching out from beyond? The answer lies with a blind mystic (Vanessa Redgrave) who helps him contact his child. Redgrave's spacey performance does nothing to help you connect with this dreary Showtime original, which drifts from the family crisis genre into The Twilight Zone — and winds up neither here nor there. C-

Originally posted Jun 17, 1994 Published in issue #227 Jun 17, 1994 Order article reprints

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