Book Review

Rock Talk: The Great Rock and Roll Quote Book

Details Writers: Joe Kohut, John J. Kohut; Genres: Music, Pop Culture

Rock Talk: The Great Rock and Roll Quote Book, a collection of rock bons mots, ranges from the lofty (''sex and music are...places where you glimpse God,'' says Bono) to the mundane (R.E.M.'s Peter Buck: ''The last 10 years...has been a room, a car, a car, a room, a room, a stage and a car''). Edited by Joe Kohut and John J. Kohut, it features wonderfully erroneous predictions, such as Mick Jagger's 1972 vow to quit music at 33, and quirky trivia: Todd Rundgren says he dreams many of his songs, and Grace Slick explains, ''Feed your head doesn't mean take every f---ing drug that comes along. Feed your head means read.'' Good, yes; great, no: Some of these quotes are boringly obvious (do we need Johnny Thunders to tell us rock & roll is an attitude?). But with less blather from Keith Moon and Richards and more vinegar from the ever-quotable Lester Bangs, the second edition could be great. B

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