Go Figure

Money Matters

What the rock festival will cost you

If you're headed up to Woodstock '94 on Aug. 12, be prepared. On this trip back to the garden, you'll find out who you are, as well as what you're worth. Among the expenses:

*Price of Woodstock tickets sold in lots of two: $270

*Number of tickets still available as of Aug. 1: 90,000

*Round-trip bus from Manhattan to Saugerties: $33

*Normal nightly rate at a local hotel: $60-$100

*Nightly rate during the festival: $80-$395

*Rental fee for a four-person tent and four sleeping bags: $80 for three nights

*Price of a hamburger: $3.50

*Price of a hot dog: $2.00

*Price of a Pepsi (24 oz.): $2

*Price of a T-shirt: $19-$25

*Price to watch it on pay per view instead: $49.95 for two days

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