CD-ROM Review: 'Macbeth'

Details Writer: Roman Polanski; Genre: Drama

Macbeth (Voyager, CD-ROM for Mac, $49.95) Who's the audience for this disc version of Big Bill's ''Scottish play''? Students who want an audio performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company? Better they should buy a cassette. Film fans attracted by scenes from the movies directed by Welles, Polanski, and Kurosawa? A computer screen is not the ideal place to see these. Amateur thespians hoping to hone their chops with ''Macbeth Karaoke''? Please. Scholars will welcome the commentary and background articles, though, and they may in fact be the only ones to master this program's complex navigational tools. A lot of toil went into the Macbeth CD-ROM, but in the end it's just too much trouble. B-

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