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Sitting down with 'Guiding Light' star Melissa Hayden

Melissa Hayden should buy a Lotto ticket: This year the Guiding Light star has won both a Soap Digest award and a Daytime Emmy as outstanding younger leading actress. What's left — the Pilsbury Bake-off? ''I would have entered,'' she jokes, ''but I was afraid if I won another award people would really hate me.'' Not likely. Hayden's scheming GL character, Bridget, has become more sympathetic after battling for custody of her baby son — an emotional plot twist that is taking its toll on the actress. ''I get such a headache,'' she says. ''After taping, all I want to do is go home and rest.'' Hayden relaxes by watching cooking shows, because the chefs ''are so passionate about what they do. I feel the same way about acting.'' But not about cooking: ''I hate to cook!'' That's good news for bake-off contestants.

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